How to Get Rid of Mold

By on May 16, 2013

Get Rid of Mold Naturally

Today I want to share a post about how to get rid of mold – a problem almost everyone comes across at home one way or another.

Karah from shows us how to make a mold remover spray that requires no scrubbing at all. Now I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of no scrubbing needed ideas :)

To find how to make this remedy and Karah applies it at home effectively, check out the link below…

How to Get Rid of Mold at Home

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Very interesting that there are chemicals that can kill it now. I never realized how frequently mold could be until I moved to Florida. Since the moisture is here is much more dense it can happen in any room of the house.


Interesting... but I would not recommend using a spray bottle to apply it to the infected mold area. 

QUESTIONS: Without a microscope, have you ever seen a single mold "spore" just sitting there? Of course you haven't. When you are looking at mold that needs to be treated, you are looking at TRILLIONS of mold spores just sitting there. 

A mold spore is like a seed. One mold spore relocated to another environment that will allow it to grow will do just that, it will grow.

Back to my point... "I would not recommend using a spray bottle to apply it to the infected mold area." When you use a spray bottle (or worse, a bug sprayer), every time you squeeze the trigger and a burst of vaporized liquid moves from the nozzle toward the mold infected area, the air being pushed by the moving (pressurized) spray is blowing millions of mold spores causing them to go airborne. We then breath them in, they get into our eyes AND they land in other areas that currently is not infected, but could be infected if the environment that it needs to start growing again is right.

Mold mitigation is much like putting out a fire! What does a fire need to burn? Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen. Take one of those things away and fire can not exist. Mold is similar in that it meeds, mold spores, food (such as drywall, wood, paper etc. etc. etc.) and MOISTURE. Take one of those things away and mold growth can not exist.

I hope this has been helpful... I just wanted to put in my two cents regarding mold mitigation.