How to Make Natural Homemade Mouthwash

By on May 20, 2013

DIY Mouthwash

There’s a lot of concern surrounding the traditional mouthwash you buy from your local supermarket. Did you know they may have cancer-causing, mouth-flora-altering ingredients such as alcohol, Sorbitol, any a few other ingredients? Don’t believe me? Type into Google “can mouthwash cause cancer” and see what results you get. You’ll be surprised.

Sound safe? I’d rather not take my chances with them and make my own homemade mouthwash. Luckily, I found an amazing recipe that includes all-natural ingredients. This homemade peppermint mouthwash has no harmful chemicals and will leave your mouth feeling fresh, healthy, and may prevent tooth decay.

Find out how to make it at the link below:

Homemade All-Natural Peppermint Mouthwash

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